Motivational Mary is an organization that's very passionate about following great leadership and she fully knows the importance of giving back. For John 3:16 says" For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." With that same passion Motivational Mary was established in 2014. Motivational Mary offers a wide range of services and products to individuals an organizations which are in need of (content & resume) writing, self-esteem building, anti-bullying and motivational speeches. Mary also consult with those who wish to write a book learn how to write and become a self publish author. 

Motivational Mary hosts two outreach each year for the community. Mary says "It's not enough to have a business in today's society; we must do our part to give back to the economics in our community. It may take years before we see some improvement, but it means a lot when you have children growing up in that community." Mary challenge you to become the success story of your environment and not the product. 

As the business continue to grow, our core mission and philosophy will always remain the same. 


Mission Statement: Highlight the beautiful or handsome individual from the inside out. This will allow others to become confident with themselves and towards others. In return those individuals will share the good news about life; which brings forth success for everyday living. 

Company Goals & Objectives:  Become a leading organization that lead others to becoming the success story of their environment and not the product. Regardless of their ethnicity, religion or past failures .

Family * Accountability * Intergrity * Trustworthy * Holistic