Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world where everything is precise and to the point. Lesson learned simply by attending algebra class and trying to understand the concept: a negative (-) plus a positive (+) equals (=) a negative. Now I’ve found that to be really hard to believe considering one plus one is addition and not subtraction. However, our world does rely on arithmetic. Which is why it’s crucial to survive and capitalize on every opportunity. It’s possible to capitalize on everything you face in business or your personal life especially negativity. Why you ask? Negativity is one of the leading cause in business failure, low self-esteem and bullying. Now, we’re going to learn firsthand how to use this powerful force for increase.


Recently I received my first book review on Amazon, but it wasn’t to my liking.  We definitely have to be very careful with what we petition. As I began to read and digest what the reader wrote a sense of overwhelming joy came over me. It was the joy of knowing I have control over whatever comes my way. It was up to me to make a conscious decision on whether this would be the end of my writing career or the start of something new. Of course, this was my first published book and honestly speaking it’s not for everyone. In reality most writers or authors write during a certain period in their life. When publishing or creating a product it has to go through a process; it’s the same with negativity and positivity. Each thought has to be processed based on what you believe to be true or false.  I’m going to offer you the 3 most effective way to capitalize on negativity:

  1. If you’re on SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or IG) post the review on there with the intent to share, but end on a positive note. This will increase your exposure and help others to get a better understanding of your brand.
  2. Reviews are truly a good  learning tool to use in your business (ex. Icebreaker, workshop or article post)
  3. Reach out to the critic if possible by writing a response and find ways to reconcile or make their experience better.

Now there may come a period where it’s just impossible to satisfy everyone and that’s alright. Just know anything is possible, critics will exist, but you can surely turn negativity into value. It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish the race!


Living To Be The Best You,

Motivational Mary 

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