On last Sunday I've attended church service as usual. Maybe I was expecting a concise message just for me! Therefore God used Bishop as a messenger to speak directly to me. Of course this is not the first time God came through with a right on time message. Bishop preached from 2nd Kings 6:16 and Revelation 12:10. Doing the service he also covered God preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Psalms 23:5.

Sometimes when you think you know if scripture there's  so much more to learn. As God repeated that scripture from Psalms 23,  I simply took a moment and meditated on how it relates in my life. Now I heard and seen this verse many times, but didn't for a second catch the Revelation I now have from it. He had to show me directly through meditation how everything and everyone is part of the table He's  preparing. Now there has to be some level of expectancy and a relationship for all this to transpire. Although my rational mind always tried to make sense of everything I've endured and why. But the why is still in process, we Saints have to know there's going to be a feast at our table. That means for me God is still building and what seems like a small achievement will equal a big win.
 Every person who lied, misuse or hated you and you've done nothing wrong will witness your uprising. So be encouraged through it all and get ready for your time to shine!
Living To Be The Best You,
Motivational Mary 
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