Romance VS Spiritual Guidance

It's important to reach beyond what you can get or see. Sometimes our greatest blessing is going thru the dark and difficult. I know it sound easy but I'm going thru it now. I want success for all of us but we must want it for ourselves. There maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, but the only way to find out is to keep going.  

We often hear about someone's challenges and now their success, but there's nothing like going through it yourself. At this time I may not be able to reach or see where I want to be naturally. God's word is evident that 'Faith" is the evidence of things we can not see.  However, today is a start for you and I because we continue to reach beyond..

Congratulate yourself for the step you continue to make towards success.

As we walk towards righteousness together,

Motivational Mary

At some point in your life you will find the need to find a new church home, just make sure its what God wants and not your desire. Here are a few indicators that you may want to attend another church:


1. Church isn't not growing

2. Not being spiritual fed

3. Church's Misson isn't in agreement with the Word of God

4. There's no spiritual guidance in place

5. If you're not growing spiritually

An lastly God ordered you to move forward, just like He spoke to Abram.


For whatever reason it may be, its a decision you will have to live with. God makes no mistake and He will lead you in a path towards a greater relationship with Him. A home is a place where you can fellowship and feel at ease. We are here to save souls and bring people closer to God.

So this afternoon, think about where you attend and if its differently where God wants you to remain or attend. Wisdom is the principle thing , therefore get it and with all your getting have understanding!

Motivation gives you 'Ambition" to go further than where you currently stand, Serenity gives you the ability of ' Acceptance' and Gratitude offers the ability to have ' Appreciation' through it all. It's impossible to have one and not the other for all of things are valuable ingredients for your success. 

Motivation is something that keeps on giving, for once you're motivated others can become motivated with your help. Serenity offers so much because whatever comes your way, you have to accept it even though there's a chance you can't do anything about it. Having Gratitude will open up channels to show appreciation for all things past, present and future.


It's not about purchasing a book , but it is about breaking chains, barriers to become better in everyday living. We all need a D.I.E.T ( Deliverance, Inspiration, Endurance and the Truth)!


Lets Walk This Journey Together, 


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