Be Alert

God created us in His image and after His likeness. There's not two person just alike maybe a few similarities, but they each have different talent or gifts. Take for instant a set of twins, they maybe identical but they are distinguished . Oftentimes we tend to compare ourself to what is going on or what has been. If you continue to do so , you will never see the true essence God has given you . It took me a while to realize how perfectly God made me. I guess through life challenges and the wrong people in my ear I was blind.

It's time to embrace who God called you to be and not what others want you to be to them. Matthew 25:14-30 MSG allow us to see that God expect for us to use our uniqueness and bring more talents back to Him. So I encourage you to apply yourself and remove what's blocking God's vision and promise for your life.

Listen to God's voice, His voice is the soft whisper in your ear that tells your to go right but you chose to go left. It's not that hard once you turn your antenna to get better reception (your ear).


Be Bless ,

Motivational Mary


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Helping Others Is The Best Way To Go

Listen to the lyrics and allow that to minister to your spirit. We all want that number one spot but if you go at it the right way , God said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. You don't have to change for no one but God. Check out this group video Awesome. We live in a society where anything goes but promoting God first.

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