If you keep living you will one day find yourself falling but don't worry. One day you will find yourself getting backup from a fall. I'm reminded when as a child we fall and had an injury , our parents told us to dust ourselves off and get up. Trials and Tribulations are injuries we occur but it helps us grow towards the identity God has for us. We all have fallen but some of us just refuse to stay down in the pits. 


So Today, I encourage you to get up and get out of having self pity. The most successful person had mistakes, trials and tribulations but they ROSE Again. 

So yesterday, I was at Wawa's an a gentlemen asked me what GODx2 was which was on something I had. I proceeded to say God has blessed me twice. So the He replied " Oh that's nice, I see you're a member of Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International" I said " Yes I Am, because he seen my bracelet that said DEBT FREE". This guy asked " how long have you been a member?"  I replied " Since 2008".  Moments into this conversation I was asked "Do you serve on a ministry there?"

I proudly said NO, but since you're asking all these questions let me give you a flyer for my book signing. He read the flyer and was like Wow. He replied " I'm an Author too, doing a piece on pastors. I nodded my head an said great, then he questioned me since he was a Theology majored. I find it very amusing how some of them are pre-programed on what God can't do/say.  HE wanted me to give him an example of a chain since my book title was Motivation Serenity Gratitude 365 Ways You Can Break Every Chain To Become Better. I informed him God told Abram he has to get away from his kindren, so that he can move into what God had for him; also to hear clearly from God. Therefore sometimes in life we must let some family go, but that doesn't mean we love them any less. I then said it doesn't matter what you call it a chain, trials, tribulations or obstacles they are restraints and hold you back from living upto God's identity.

He nodded okay and I said Have A Nice Day. What would you have done?

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