As business owners we're always on the look out for what's new and trendy in our field. It's said that you're a day late and a dollar short when your colleague produce something new before you. But, I believe this is the mindset society want us to take and be conditioned by. When that happens we then become enemies and competitors with one another. Is that really what God want us to do with our gift?

Of course not, God is the Father of peace and not of evil. However, He want us to make the most of what we have creatively. It's destined for us to meet like-minded individuals with some of the same similarities we possessed during our journey. But, that's part of development and growth for everyone involved. 
And so, there are some who literally become rivals because they fear someone would have more than them. I decided it wasn't going to be me and God had something amazing just for me. I'm not blind at seeing my fellow business owners with similar skills, but I refused to sit on a gift because they exist. My mindset has been trained to build a platform of uniqueness that's incomparable. 
Everything I have today is because of the vision already written by God.
In doing this, I'm one of few who cannot play the waiting game. So here's, three things I've done that will help you set yourself apart from others:
1. Ask for what you need and offer something in return. (Most people in business are afraid to do thing because it's perceived to be a form of weakness and vulnerability.) 
2. Create your own platform and opportunities (This shows you're serious about your business).
3. Use your creative mind to step outside the box when developing something new. (Always have your target audience in mind)
Your life will never be the same once you've considered what makes you different from everyone else. So, embrace the gifts you have .
Living To Be The Best You,
Motivational Mary 
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