Like every American we search for a way to increase our income and/or business revenue. Oftentimes we end up shorten ourselves and others in the midst of trying, but not succeeding. Is that the answer to our problems? I’m certain it’s not if you wish to become wealthy! For I know that with one curve ball after another we hit rock bottom and another business closes. In order to find such an answer one must take a closer look at the world around them. It doesn’t exist on the surface of things, but below it. There’s something that we’re missing and haven’t yet mastered.

Are we really valuing what we have in the United States today? Of course not, many of us don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. Yet we have the Koreans that’s not from this country, come over into the United States and make millions. Now, that’s nothing wrong with that at all, but how can they become so successful? Well, I’ve visited several businesses and one word comes to mind “HOSPITALITY!” There’s such an overwhelming feeling of kindness and service that they provide each individual. This is something we truly lack in businesses today, for everyone is trying to make a dollar and forgotten about the consumer itself. Instead we’ve become abrupt, unprofessional and hostile with people. When did we stop saying “Hello How’s your day going or How may I help you?” This is common courtesy.

Understand the consumer builds a relationship with a business whether it’s bad or good. However then it’s the consumer who will refer or put a word out about a certain business which can lead to more or less customers. First impressions are everlasting when it comes to service, people will always remember that about you. Greet everyone with a smile and converse for a minute or two, it won’t hurt. Many consumers come into your business with the intent to get something worth having and form a connection.

Today, we really need to get back into extending ourselves to exceptional hospitality. I’ve been told since adolescent to treat people how you want them to treat you. This is differently the case in determining the cost for making millions in United States. Nevertheless there’s a risk associated with everything, but wouldn’t you rather have a prominent business versus a mediocre one?

 Living To Be The Best You, 

Motivational Mary 

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