How did you bring in your New Year’s? Did you watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Special? If so, I’m sure you didn’t miss out on Mariah Carey’s performance. This is the talk of the town!

I must say that her performance really taught me a valuable lesson. From the time she hit the stage to the moment Mariah left the stage due to technical difficulties. Now I can sympathize with her about the malfunction, but what I cannot agree with how she handled it. Believe it or not we all have some difficulties whether that’s on stage or in our personal life, but we have to handle it with humility, faith and confidence.

Let me start by putting myself in her shoes. For starters, I would look the part, which means fake it until the show is over. Most times we are our biggest critic and worst enemy.  So even if there’s a mishap you’ll still have that same confidence as if everything was SUPERB. I remember the first time I host my book premiere and we had different issues with the microphone and music, but we didn’t allow that to startle us. Instead we work around it and asked the guest to be patient with us as we iron out this issues. It’s something about keeping the guest “IN THE KNOW!”


 SECONDLY, if I created a song then of course it’s my job to study and rehearse the lyrics periodically before any performance. And take inventory on making sure you have what you need and the music is up to your standards.  I’ve learned from a great friend of mines that you have to be proactive before the opportunity comes. And when it does you’re be prepared, so the time you spent isn’t wasted. There’s no such thing as being overly prepared.


Lastly, you have to stand your grounds without quitting. No matter what a situation looks like, you’re the trained professional or expert they wanted regardless of what may come up. People are watching you from the time you hit the stage to the moment you walk away. Your persona and attitude can inspire or discourage others. So, think before you react in the heat of the moment. It’s great to make the tabloids, but it’s wonderful to leave a legacy work following.


Living To Be The Best You,

Motivational Mary 

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