Are you new to writing or trying to improve your networth or skills? If so, there's something you should know and consider. Everyone wants to be on a bigger platform, but are we doing what's beneficial for us at that moment? Of course, you love to grow your network and skills. I'm with you, but there's steps to it.  For starters, we tend to search for several events in our town to attend. Although you will find an enormous amount of opportunities; not every opportunity is for you. In order to narrow down what's for you, I urge you to think about your immediate (right now) need which would help further you. 
Let's say you want to start writing more, self publish or expand. Then you would look for events catered towards that. As a best selling author myself, I think hands on experiences are the best.  You can find those at workshops. It's very rare to find this at a conference.  Conferences are designed to speak to you on a specific topic , you have to sit there and take the notes.  Hopefully, after the second hour you don't become tiresome. Most people don't pay attention after 2 hour. Atleast, that's my case.
However, in a workshop there's differences. A workshop is designed to put you to work, interact and loosen up a little.  It gives you the ability to  engage with others on a much smaller scale and practice what's being taught versus a conference . Also workshops are more on a personalized level. Which means most people feel a stronger connection with the instructor. They aren't intimated by a larger crowd. These are just a few perks of a workshop versus a conference. 
So, the next time you're in the market for some enhancements, consider your NOW. If you're interested in attending our Writers Workshop and you're in the DMV area, grab your tickets before its too late. You can find more information and assistance for self publishing on .
Motivational Mary 
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