In life we want things immediately and most times without having to work for it. That's the microwave society technology has created for some. Then there's me waiting for manifestation. Some days it seems closer but other most challenging days it seem very far. We're told in the Bible to lean towards God for understanding in the midst of any challenge. I guess that would be rather easy if we could see Him face to face. At that moment, we all would probably either vent or go off in frustration because of waiting. 

These are the issues everyone face from time to time. Some people are more mature than others, but we are human beings and the flesh is weak. The fleshly part of us want to have it our way and now without any delay. In 2017, waiting for anything is just overrated. However, that's when The Holy Spirit on the inside of us convict our actions to remain pure and patient. 
I can recall one day I yelled and screamed at God to make the test and trials stop. It was just too much for my carnal mind to continue to deal with and keep my peace. Sitting back and allowing those at my full time job get over on me made bitterness and rage rise up. Yes, this was a battle I wanted to defeat and prove a point. For instance, the standards are not fair across the board for everyone regardless of their ethnicity and job title. In the last year alone, I've been moved around multiple times, overworked and forced to take on more work without compensation. 
And so, before even thinking about past events I carried this on my shoulders for a while. Until God showed me how He brought forth victory from past events and how I came out on top in the end. So whenever a heavy test comes, a greater victory or blessing is near. Although you won't know this without experiencing it for yourself. My greater reward has yet to be seen, but it's in the works. Within the last two weeks I've received an invitation for an author reception and my poem was selected as a finalist for a book project. 
Now these are just two things that were in the process while I was going through the test. I'm sure there are many more to come and the same applies for you. You are too close to your manifestation to give in to your flesh and go back to the way you used to be before Christ. Continue to pray each day with persistency and consistency. We are in this world, but we're not of it. 
Living To Be The Best You, 
Motivational Mary
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