Did you know your attitude can effect so many things? Yes, it does effect how people receive you outcome you will get. I remember going through life just to get through a day which turns into a year.

One day I woke up and took a clear look in the mirror and did some soul searching. What I realize was those around had polluted me. It's really amazing how wonderful reflecting on the past will help your future awareness.

Changing your attitude will help you towards future achievement. Consider Day 266 of Motivation Serenity Gratitude " Your attitude can block any future possibilities for achievements. It's likely to have achievement minus an attitude." Be mindful of your state of mind and others at all times.

Philippians 2 is a very good scripture to read; if you truly want to change and check your attitude. It clearly shows us how humble God was and He did everything without acknowledgment and no murmuring and complaining. 

Time for us to bring out the best in each other! Enjoy your weekend.

As we walk on this journey together towards righteousness, 

Motivational Mary

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