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Mom says bullying led to 10-year-old son's death in Germantown

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Losing a father after he committed suicide and going through bullying has been a great challenge for a mom and son. #stopbullying #domorebullyless #blogpost 


Here's a latest video of what happened to one bullied victim in #RVA because the bullying never ceased. Watch now at http://via.wtvr.com/DJcdY 

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Mother Relived The Moment Her Son Bullied Son Comitted Suicide

No parent should have to go through this , we should be able to live one another and appreciate the differences! And yet we lose another child to bullying! Here's what I found interesting you have to do your research and not always will you find updated

news and information on stopbullying.gov.

Please take a moment to educate yourself and family about bullying prevention and ways to report it and get immediate results!  #Stopbullying #Makeadifference #parents

If you're not getting the proper results if your child is bullied, please contact the school board of your child's district. Or Speak with an official that can immediately address this matter before it becomes a life threatening issues. 


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