Bullying Awareness


I've read an article by Bob Brooks of Action News as he interviewed a grieving mom who lost her son. After reading I'm compelled to share the article with you about the importance of standing against bullying. Her son committed suicide after several cases of bullying. Although she encouraged him to talk about his experience daily at school he withheld the extent of the bullying.

For most moms like her we don't have a handbook when it comes to raising a son and if you was to ask someone for their opinion they would just say boys are often quiet. Speaking from experience boys are different than girls, but whenever you find isolation something else exist.

Please take heed parents it's important to teach your kids how to be loving towards others. Also talk to your child daily, but set aside time for them to socialize about things regardless of what. 

For more on this read http://6abc.com/news/mom-says-bullying-led-to-10-year-old-sons-death/1986682/

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