August 30, 2017, Lawrence V worked with Mary in different groups

Mary Rodwell, has a powerful voice with a heart to love and care for people. She is very passionate about writing and has become very proficient in self-publishing books. When you self-publish you wear many different hats such as marketing, advertising and delivery person to name a few which she has worn well and is always willing to share those life lessons. She cares about many people and is always willing to offer advice and life learned lessons to others. 

I highly recommend her in the writing, speaking and presenting arena, and if she needs to adjust to the left or right to assist someone I am confident enough in her ability to adapt to the situation that she will do so without missing a beat. She is truly a person with many skills and talents who has not reach her peak potential, she is in stride and moving forward.

August 23, 2017, Sorana was a client of Author Mary’s

Mary is a powerhouse when it comes to self-publishing. I learned a lot from her during a workshop for local writers in RVA. I'm now in the process of publishing my own book and the info from Mary was pertinent, reliable and very helpful in my decision to go the self-publishing route.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Author Mary Rodwell through networking, since we are authors, I wanted to be sure to support her. When I decided to self-publish my book, I sought out the expert in certain aspects that I was unsure of. Mary not only helped to guide me, but was also on hand to answer any & all questions to her. 

Mary Rodwell is also helping me to re-write my bio for my website and she is a consult for resume & content writing.

If you are looking for an Author coach, Resume & Content Writer & Bully Awareness advocate, look no further, because you have found her.

August 22, 2017, Author Mary worked with Helena in the same group

Author Mary Rodwell is well connected and is a trusted resource on motivating and anti-bullying initiatives. She's devoted to family, educating, inspiring and encouraging change in the minds of the despondent.

It is my pleasure to give Author Mary Rodwell my highest recommendation. 

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